To nurture the cordial relationship among expatriates from the village and utilize their synergy for betterment of the society, “FACE KODINHI” was formed on 13th June, 2014 as a platform for social action. Within a few years, the group has grown as the leading expatriate group with its committed team work and social commitment.

The remarkable contributions and social commitment of the expatriate community is well evident in all walks of life, including education, culture, arts and sports in Kodinhi. Living in faraway lands they actively contributing to the socio-political and cultural activities in the village. Some of the earlier oganisations like UAE Muslim Relief Committee have played great role in the uplift of the living conditions in village. Today, UAE alone has around 300 people from Kodinhi working in various fields.

When the migration to gulf countries began in 70s, the socio-economic conditions in the village was not much different from any other parts of the district. The society was mostly comprised small farmers, petty traders and daily wage labourers. Apart from a primary schools and madrassas there were no major educational institutions in the village till recently.

The situation began to change slowly in 1970s when large scale migration to gulf countries started from Kerala. A good number of people, mostly unskilled labourers, migrated to counties like KSA, UAE, Qatar and other Arab countries searching for green pastures. Some of the early expatriates from the village lost their lives in the sea during their perilous journey by boats through the turbulent sea to save their families from the clutches of poverty.

Migration to gulf countries gradually changed the face of the village. Tiled and concrete houses replaced the small huts and thatched houses dotting across the village and it reached a stage that a thatched house is rarest sight in the village. The expatriate community played a major role in economic upliftment of the families and the society in general through their generous charity and financial contribution to the needy people.

One of the remarkable changes that happened was in educational front. Once the economic conditions of the families began to go upwards, many of the gulf parents generously spent money for the children’s education. Many students from the village began to join colleges and other educational institutions for higher studies. The expatriate community also contributed to build infrastructure for existing schools, madrassas and masjids. One of the major changes in the educational scenario was the establishment of two high schools — IEC school and MAHSS in late 90s.

The generosity of great leaders of UAE towards other nationalities have played a vital role in economic and social development of many third world countries. UAE has more than 2.5 million Indians working in various capacities and their earning is the major source of income for thousands of families living in their villages in Kerala.

Here we have to mention with deep hearted prayers, the great founding father of the nation Late H.H.Shaikh Zayed bin Sulthan AlNahyan, who left behind a legacy of noble values ( المغفور له). Later under the leadership of UAE President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the leaders of this great nation, the country is following the great Shaikh Zayed’s legacy providing support to the needy people across the world. Like any other parts of Kerala, our village also has benefited from this generosity of UAE leaders in fulfilling our dreams.

“The people and leadership of the UAE are faithfully following the footsteps of the late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Na-hyan, the founder of the nation, who served as a living example of giving and a role model for universal fraternity.”-Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan