ThumbKodinhi is a beautiful hamlet surrounded by lush green paddy fields on its three sides. During monsoon it turns into a water-locked countryside with a road connecting to Chemmad being only opening to the outside world making the village a scenic peninsula on the map.

Located around 30km away from the district headquarters, Malappuram, the village houses around 2000 families, mostly Muslims. It’s just 5km away from Tirurangadi, the epicentre of 1921 Malabar rebellion, and many brave men from the village had participated in the historical struggle against the British colonial government. The village is known for Kodinhipally, the oldest juma masjid in the village which was founded by the legendary spiritual leader and freedom fighter Mamburam Thangal. The village has a unique distinction of preserving communal harmony even during the most difficult times when the entire country was disturbed by communal riots in 1992 after the demolition of Babri masjid.

The village is known to the world as Twins’ Village with its more than 300 pairs of twins and it has caught the attention of national and international media.

The village embraced the social and educational reforms spearheaded by leaders like MK Haji, Seethi Sahib and others and strived for upliftment of the community through education. Taking cue from leaders, the community leaders in the village established two high schools, IEC, MAHS schools to cater to the educational needs of the village and both schools have immensely contributed to the educational development of the village.

Now, Kodinhi is on the cusp of another social change as a group of educated youths from the village is determined to change the FACE of the village giving proper career guidance to students to achieve their educational dreams.